Testimonial from a Fibromyalgia patient

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Recently, I had the privilege to meet with Terri A. of Daytona Beach, Florida. Terri is one of the approximate 10 million people suffering from Fibromyalgia in the US. This illness is difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat. It causes generalized pain while at the same time, making your brain amplify the pain sensations it processes. Other common indicators are fatigue and sleep issues. Terri was first diagnosed over 40 years ago. While she was younger, it was easier to keep her symptoms in check. She celebrated her 60th birthday a few weeks ago. All within the last year, Terri has been diagnosed with insomnia, uncontrolled blood pressure and cholecystitis (requiring removal of her gallbladder)-fibromyalgia related comorbidities.
Her primary care physician upped her blood pressure medicine twice a day, and still, she was getting readings of 190/105. Changing the prescription was also ineffective. As if that wasn’t enough, recent federal laws have made it much more difficult for Terri to get the prescription pain meds she needs to function. Unable to retire but physically unable to work, Terri was stuck. It wasn’t until one of the physicians she works for overheard her discussing her symptoms, that she regained any hope.
He told her about CBD oil and that he and his wife use it daily at bedtime. Terri doesn’t even drink, let alone “do drugs” as she called it. The physician pointed out it’s her last resort. Finally, her daughter got her some gummies to try. The first night, she was asleep in a half hour and stayed asleep the entire night. By the end of the first week, she was sleeping regularly and didn’t require naps on her days off. After a month the puzzle of her blood pressure seemed to have solved itself and now she only uses prescription pain meds for severe breakthrough pain. CBD oil literally changed her life. She’s back to working fulltime, babysitting her three grandsons on the weekends and going on vacations she never thought she could physically tolerate. Terri’s story isn’t unique. It’s simply an example of possibilities. There are thousands of testimonials from all over the globe. It’s food for thought.
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