Toss, turn, cry in frustration, sleep a half-hour and repeat. We have all suffered nights like this. There are usual cycles related to stress, the food we eat, lack of exercise and anxiety. Often, we assume our only recourse are prescription drugs or common over the counter sleep aids that end with PM or come in a pink box (you know what I’m talking about). It doesn’t have to be this way. CBD oil has been linked with Seratonin and GABA receptors in the brain. These are the same receptors which are targeted by popular prescription sleep aids.
Why go with CBD instead of prescription, you ask? Great question! Benzodiazepines (Rx only) commonly cause drowsiness, trembling, vision impairment, and feelings of depression. Most of these effects carry over to the next day if not longer, perpetuating a negative sleep cycle. On the other hand, CBD’s common side effects are dry mouth, changes in mood and appetite. These effects typically only last a matter of hours. The majority of people taking CBD specifically for sleep, report falling asleep within an hour, staying asleep the entire night and waking feeling refreshed. In addition to oil, CBD is produced in edibles like delicious gummies or lollipops- a bonus for those of us that like something sweet before bed. Also coming down the pike are lotions and bath bombs.
These will be particularly helpful after a stressful day. Our skin is the largest organ we have, let’s pamper it while we solve our sleep problems. It’s a win-win! There is a reason behind the growing popularity of cannabidiol. It is effective yet mild, natural, and the consumer gets to decide their dosage. Unlike the prescription sleep aids, CBD isn’t addictive. If for whatever reason you decide not to take it or happen to be somewhere you don’t have access to it, there will be no withdraw as there would be with the previously mention drug family. Allow yourself to let go of the stress associated with falling asleep and picture yourself drifting off within an hour, simply to awake refreshed in the morning.
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