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At R.A Royal CBD LLC, we have long seen the value in collaborating with storytellers. We aim to work with creative minds who share our passion for the CBD world. We are always looking for fresh perspectives and new opportunities to share engaging content and experiences that define the world of R.A Royal CBD LLC.

If you are interested in working with us to share your content, please fill out the form below. NOTE: Only Applicants in the USA will be eligible at this time.

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    At this time we are selling online and shipping to the USA only. If you reside outside of the USA, please specify how large your USA following is and why/how you feel your following will support R.A. Royal CBD and it's brands.

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    By submitting this form, upon approval to our Influencer Program you confirm that you are the owner and copyright holder of the photo(s) / image(s) you will be taking and sharing to promote R.A. Royal CBD, LLC products, including but not limited to all our brands found on our website. You release the rights of possession of the above-described image(s) / photo(s) shot by you or your photographer and grant permission to make unlimited printed, digital or developed photographs, for R.A. Royal CBD, LLC's commercial use.

    Minimum requirements are as follows:
    •Each interaction, as permitting, is to always use the following hashtags: #raroyalcbd #royallcbd in addition to the specific product(s) brand name #hashtag(s) shown in the post/share.
    •Each product received by the Influencer will require a minimum of 2 posts, 2 stories, and 1 review on our website
    •When the Influencer refers to "Link in Bio" in a post/share when promoting our product(s) the link shall always and only be