CBD oil and dogs

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We all know someone whose furbaby is “high strung” or “yappy”. These are some of the common adjectives used to describe and dismiss behavior in dogs that is indicative of anxiety. Poor Fido can never relax. He paces at the door, whimpers and goes from zero to one hundred at the drop of a pin. Or worse, he can never be left alone because he destroys whatever he can reach. Sound familiar? Often these behaviors add stress to the household which compounds the situation and can lead to abuse, neglect or the pound in severe cases. Training can be helpful for humans and animals alike, but that is only part of the solution.

In recent years, changes to state laws has allowed the public sale of CBD oil. It has been scientifically proven that CBD oil is beneficial for arthritis, anxiety and neuropathy-just to name a few. Humans have been relying on CBD for anxiety and sleep in rapidly growing numbers for years. There haven’t been official studies on the effects of cannabidiol on dogs, but we do share 84% of our DNA. If the idea of trying to get your dog to sit still and consume oil on command isn’t appealing, due to the spread of CBD’s availability, there are many delicious alternatives.


Online you can order treats of all shapes, sizes and flavors. Even the pickiest pup will find something to love. There is no THC, the psychoactive chemical of marijuana, in quality CBD oil so it’s not like you’ll get getting your dog “high” or “doped up”. It’s a compassionate way to help your pet survive your hundred-year work days. Common side effects include drowsiness, change in appetite and dry mouth. It would probably be advisable to try it the first few times while you are home and can monitor Fido’s reaction. They will still be that sweet fluffball you fell in love with, just more at ease. Doesn’t that make CBD treats worth a shot?

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