CBD: A Natural Alternative

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Cancer is a frighteningly harsh reality in our world. The top three treatments in the United States are chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Some people are lucky and a simple surgery renders them ‘cancer-free’, most patients though require a combination of up to all three treatments just to slow the progression. Chemo and radiation are meant to kill cancer cells, but as of now, they cannot differentiate harmful from healthy. This leads to a slew of debilitating side effects including loss of appetite, gastrointestinal inflammation, nausea, vomiting, changes in hair or skin, joint/bone pain and other flu-like symptoms. Often, in a bid to help as much as they legally can, physicians prescribe an impressive amount of other drugs to try and counteract these common effects. Narcotics, steroids and anti-nausea prescriptions all come with their own warnings. Thankfully because of recent law changes, cannabidiol (CBD), has become widely available. This over-the-counter option is well-reputed for easing the crippling symptoms of the aforementioned palliative treatments. There is an astounding amount of research being done, so let’s take a moment to look at the findings.

Gastrointestinal inflammation causes two of the most well-known side effects: nausea and vomiting. Tests have been completed in rats that show CBD suppresses the 5-HT1A receptors, dampening (if not entirely turning off) the body’s response to the nauseating stimuli. Basically, the cannabidiol makes brains of mammals less responsive to various negative signals it receives from inside the body. This “dulling” action in the nervous system carries over to receptors in charge of other functions as well.

The other infamous consequence of chemo and radiation is pain. Regrettably, pain for this type of illness can have innumerable causes. Various families of narcotics affect the body differently, and being unsure of the origin of the pain can make finding the correct medication a guessing game. Whereas with CBD oil and the above mentioned “dulling” action, it doesn’t need to find a specific receptor to diminish the feeling.

Each person reacts to each thing put in their bodies differently. CBD is very well known for having a broad spectrum impact for cancer patients with minimal side-effects. There are multiple delivery systems and it is easily accessible. This is just a brief overview of the reasons why the FDA is taking a much closer look at this natural alternative.

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