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  • "The R.A Royal gummies sour kids are my absolute favorite!I only took one gummy, and in about an hour I felt relief from my stress, anxiety and even mild pain in my shoulders from weightlifting..."

    Mike A.
  • "I've tried some nasty cbd gummies so when I read these were good I hesitated. I got some on Monday and I agree they are good. Can't taste the cbd but can feel it working..."

  • "I suffer from anxiety all my life, the gummies definitely make me feel a lot more relax,I’ve been getting very good sleep, taste great and very excited to try your other products..."

    Michael J.
  • "I have the bottle shaped gummies, game changer to sleeping."

    Courtney B.
  • "Let me just say wow! I have been very depressed lately. It could just be coincidence or a placebo effect but I woke up again this morning depressed. I bought some of this Royal CBD and added it to my favorite vape and my depression and anxiety just started to fade away! The problems I was worrying over didn’t go away but that feeling of overwhelming depression has subsided quite a bit. I’m very impressed."

    John C.
  • "I love these gummies. They help with my sleep problems and taste great."

  • I’m enjoying the bananas and peach rings and the 1000 cherries.

    Kim K.
  • “Loving the oils!”

    Jamal G
  • I love I think it's a great site!

  • I really want to say what a graceful shop you have created! I am a customer of your website and really like your products.

    Zara W.
  • Turns around some CBD gummies that’ll COMPLETELY knock ya socks off!! Check em out... you won’t be sorry that you did!!!
  • I would just like to wholeheartedly thank you and the founders of your company. I live in NY where CBD just became legal.  I have dealt with depression and anxiety. I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 and a Mexican restaurant owner as well. I work and help my husband when i can but overall life is just a ball of stress and up and downs for me. I dropped my antidepressants safely and switched over to CBD full time since legal sale was allowed in NY, so about a month. I have never felt better, I feel so much happier, and my anxiety is almost non-existent. I am still able to carry on about my business and to be honest i am so much more productive while on CBD. My seasonal allergies are really bad here in grand island and it has also helped with that!! Cbd has allowed me to think more before I speak and try to solve issues without getting worked up and agitated. It has changed my world. I smoke the delta bar disposable pens, I have tried other vape pens like the cake one and the white fruity ones (30mg) but nope NOTHING COMPARES. Thank you again 🙏🏼You don’t know how many lives you are changing and how many people you are helping.

    Vanessa A.


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R.A. Royal CBD is a company devoted to research, growth, process, and delivery of high quality and diverse CBD products to your door. Our professional and specialized team works every day in every step of the process to guarantee outstanding and consistent products in its purest form.

All our hemp is organically grown and carefully processed to meet our high standards. Currently based in California, we are committed to spreading wellness through cannabidiol properties.